High Performance Ultralight Airplane – 2 places tandem configuration – Cruise speed 340 km/h – Stall speed 60 km/h – Take off distance 50 Meters – Retractable landing gear – Available as Kit and ready to fly!

The ACROCRUISER is made of a wooden frame with some components of particularly stressed high-strength steel.
The wings are cantilevered frame with front main spar and fake rear spar. The wings are equipped with ailerons and flaps differentiated double slit, the structure of the wings is made of plywood covered with canvas, the flaps have a similar structure with canvas lining.
The vertical tail plane is completely covered in a single spar of okoume plywood for the fixed part, the movable part has a structure covered in canvas. The horizontal plane is fixed with steel brackets and bolts to the fuselage.
The fuselage is based on a lattice of wooden strips reinforced with plywood of okoume and birch, they are ordered three of the first of which carries the firewall and the engine mount.
The engine mount is made of steel tubes and welded high-strength and bolted to the fuselage. The engine mounting is made on purpose with flexible plugs.
The landing gear is a retractable of front tricycle type, the structure is of high strength steel. The main gear has a track width of m. 2.40, has two wheels with 320 x 120 mm. with an inflation pressure of 1.60 bar, is attached to the fuselage structure.
The AcroCruiser is equipped with hydraulic brakes to the wheels with contemporary means of pedal lever in front and coil shocks. The front end is equipped with wheel size of 300 x 100 mm. It’s steerable and connected to the pedals through the tubes with shock springs.
The cabin has two seats in tandem with dual controls, which, with only the pilot must occupy the front seat. The passenger maximum weight must not exceed 90 kg. The cabin is closed by a transparent roof, composed of a fixed front and a rear opening to the side. The cabin is equipped with heating, operated by pilots. On both sides of the cab are installed air pockets for cards, etc.

Maximum cruise speed 340 km/h – 184 kt
Ceiling 5,000 m – 16,400 ft
Stall 65 km/h – 35 kt
Takeoff 100 m – 328 ft

RANGE (see chart below)
Standard 1.000 km – 540 NM
Long range 1.400 km – 755 NM

Empty weight 285 kg – 627 lb
Max. weight (ultralight) 480 kg – 1,056 lb
Max. weight (experimental) 600 kg – 1,320 lb

Wingspan 8,10 m – 26 ft 6 in
Length 7 m – 22 ft 8 in

You can choose the engine of your preference.
Output ranging from 100 hp to 155 hp

Instrumentation of individual choice
Two-tone leather interior
Double instrumentation
Windshield glare
Two color painting

Range AcroCruiser F11AC Performer – Range AcroCruiser F11AC Performer Voyager

Range from Moscow
Range Moscow

Range from London
Range London

Range from Rome
Range Rome

Range from Paris
Range Paris

Range from Berlin

Range from Madrid

Range from Istanbul
Range Istanbul