Designed & Handmade with Care

We designed and engineered each part meticulously with scientific principles and advanced technologies. Our components underwent extensive testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability that meets scientific standards and exceeds expectations.

Introducing the F11AC ACROCRUISER: Unleash Your Building Adventure

At the heart of the F11AC ACROCRUISER lies a symphony of craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. Our aircraft is meticulously handcrafted with a wooden frame, accentuated by select high-strength steel components. It’s not just a machine; it’s a dream brought to life.

Soaring with Style: Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Our wings are poetry in motion, with a cantilevered wooden structure adorned in canvas. Ailerons and flaps, each with their distinct character, grace the wings, and every detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With 98% of the materials being recyclable, you’re not just investing in your dream; you’re nurturing our planet.

A Masterpiece in the Sky: Meticulous Detail, Thrilling Control

Feel the rush of excitement as you take command of your ACROCRUISER. Tandem seating with dual controls beckons you into a world of shared adventure. Whether you pilot solo or invite a co-adventurer, the possibilities are endless.

Beyond Boundaries: A Journey into Sustainability

The F11AC ACROCRUISER is not just a work of art; it’s a responsible choice. With sustainability in its core, it embodies a commitment to a cleaner, greener future.

Your Flight Awaits: Embrace the Adventure

Are you ready to take to the skies in a handcrafted masterpiece? The F11AC ACROCRUISER is more than an aircraft; it’s a thrilling journey waiting to be written. The question is: Are you ready to start your adventure today?

AcroCruiser F11AC DIY Kit


Stall speed 65 km/h – 35 kt
VNE 300 km/h

Range 1400 km – 762 Nm

Takeoff distance 100 m – 300 ft

Engine min. 80 HP – max. 150 HP

Interior in two color alcantara