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Fowler Flap Splits: Elevate Your Flight Experience


Welcome to a new era of aviation mastery. Our Carbon Fowler Flap Splits are the essence of innovation and precision. Crafted with the finest carbon materials, these flap splits are not just components; they are your partners in elevating your flight experience.

Feel the difference with every takeoff and landing. Enhanced maneuverability, improved efficiency, and, above all, unwavering safety. This is your invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of flight. Unleash your inner aviator – discover Carbon Fowler Flap Splits, where every journey becomes an adventure.

Explore the skies with absolute confidence, knowing you’ve equipped your aircraft with the finest components in aviation. Experience it for yourself.

Price indicated is for a set of two Fowler Flap Splits, one for the left wing and one for the right wing.